Snowflake Garland

Apologies in advance…
This may be slightly Christmas themed!

Last year I made some basic stuffed Christmas ornaments using just red and white colours. I like the simplicity and effect of just the two colours. I think I’ll stick with the sane theme this year – it’s timeless!

I treated myself to this months Crossstitcher magazine. Out of all the cross stitch magazines this is my favourite as it is always full of modern ideas. I fancied the Scandi style booklet (free gift) as it sticks to my favourite Christmas colour scheme. The free kit this month also fits with this theme. I have a collection of free kits from magazines, and rarely make soon as I get them, but thought why not? this time. I was also considering turning the stitching part into Christmas cards…

Anyway, the stitching part of this kit was to stitch a snowflake onto card. With three cards precut with holes, I actually found this very easy, despite being my first time stitching on something other than aida! The three cards each have a different design, and each one took a couple of hours (so an evening) to stitch. My favourite is the white on red snowflake – which is yours?




The hole in the top means they wouldn’t work as card toppers. If I put brown paper under or over the hole, it would be very obvious where the hole is. I did consider turning them into a bauble type thing, with the coloured star shapes as the back, and whilst it looked good, the holes didn’t match those on the matching side if you used one of the other stars in the pack. They were growing on me, so I decided to string them up as a trial.

I actually quite like this:


When initially hung they just hung in the middle, facing the side. I stuck the tips onto the fireplace with bluetac for this photo. After playing a bit with the string I managed to get them to hang properly:


I think I’ll put these away until C time!


7 thoughts on “Snowflake Garland

  1. I really like these…what a neat idea. My issue is I simply can’t get into the Christmas ‘stitching’ spirit so I applaud you for making an early start.

  2. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially for us crafters! I love crafting for decorations and presents, but if I leave it too late it ends up being too stressful and defeats the point of it!

    They look great strung up on the fireplace! My favourite is also the white snowflake on red, it really pops!

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