Most crafty people own a couple of punches. I got my first few when planning and making our wedding invitations. Typically for me I went for a simple design, telling myself that if I had to make over 50 of them, they had to be relatively quick to make. In the end I simply punched hearts down the long side of the card, and stuck a colour themed ribbon behind. Simple, but quite quick.

Until I made my heart cards recently I never used the shapes punched out by a punch, wanting the appropriate hole! One thing that inspired me is a Pickmaster punch as you buy it to punch out a useful object….


Pickmaster punches punch out a plectrum from suitable materials, such as old credit cards.


(These photos were taken by my phone in a pub, so a bit dark!)

What a great idea! I am sure that most people who play the guitar need more plectrums and this is a fun way to make more. Most people have unused loyalty cards at home!

If I knew any guitar players I would be buying this as a Christmas present.

Disclaimer: After a Google search it transpires that other brands make a similar punch.


4 thoughts on “Punchy!

    • Well i saw it in a pub and was impressed, rather than anywhere crafty!

      Quite a few companies seem to sell it in the UK, so I expect someone will sell it near you.

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