An Award Winning Birthday

21 years ago today (well at least that’s what I told my students!) I entered this mad, mad world. Whilst I have eaten cake and been sung to, in many ways today has been a normal work day.

Tomorrow will be a slightly different Saturday as Mr M and I are getting up early for us on a Saturday and we’re heading off to Bath. I haven’t been to Bath in years (last time I was there I was involved in a car crash as I was about to leave), but it is very pretty and I want to explore it again. By the looks of it, somethings near the station have changed, but most of it will still be effectively the same. If you’ve never been, go! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

Anyway I logged onto wordpress to read some blogs to find a unique birthday present. Pillows-a-la-mode has started a new award, called the Good Neighbour Award (spelt my way, not hers – we are from opposite sides of the Atlantic!). The idea was for people to nominate bloggers who they’d like to have as their neighbour. Some kind soul (thank you!) nominated me, and so I (along with lots of other more worthy receipients) have another award. Yey!


Next time I’m on my laptop (i.e. not my phone as present) I’ll add the logo to my blog. Thank you Pillows-a-la-mode for such a wonderful idea.

Have a good weekend everyone!

P.s. Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…


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