Stained Glass Lesson One

This evening I had my first stained glass class out of the five in my short course. Frustratingly I turned up a few minutes late thanks to temporary traffic lights and a wrong turning, and then walking into the wrong room. Oops!

I have used glass before when trying glass fusing. In glass fusing you cut your ready coloured glass and fuse it together in the furnace. When making stained glass you also cut ready coloured glass and place lead between.

When I made my suncatcher I only cut straight lines and used a ruler to do so. I had to master straight lines and curves freehand tonight! To separate after scoring you use your hands to bend the glass away from the scoring, or tap along the score to encourage it to break. Our first task was to practice cutting:


Cutting glass freestyle is easier than cutting along exact lines. I found it more difficult to cut straight lines than curves when following a pattern as a small bend can make a difference. Here is my attempt with the pattern below:


This was made from 3 separate pieces of glass. It’s not perfect, but tiny errors will be covered by the lead. My tutor said she’d be happy to lead this. There would also be a slightly bigger gap between the glass to allow for the lead. 

When everyone had just about followed the pattern (there were 5 beginners), we got to choose patterns. We had a selection of patterns that our tutor thought we’d be able to do in the time we have. It was a tough decision!

The glass panel I bought is to be used as a canvas. You paint the design onto the glass and then when you have cut your pieces you place them together on your glass canvas, held in place using the plasticine I also had to buy.

This is what a badly painted outline of my design looks like:


Whilst choosing a pattern was hard, choosing glass was even harder. There was so much choice (the selection below is only a part of that on offer). Not only are there lots of different colours/shades/textures of glass, but once you’ve selected your glass there are lots of different ways to arrange that glass in the same pattern!


The last thing I just about managed to do was to cut my first piece of glass.


There is a lot more to do! There is no class next week as the school these classes are at is having an open evening. Pity, as I had fun tonight and could have happily continued…


7 thoughts on “Stained Glass Lesson One

  1. Your cutting looks really accurate! I still struggle a bit with curves. My glass class started up again after the summer break last night and I managed to get quite a bit done – I must write a post about it!

  2. I enjoyed looking at your photos. I have always loved stained glass and would have always wanted to try it. Interestingly, my hubby said he would take a class too. A craft that we could both do — amazing!

    • There a few experienced people on my course too. They work on their own pieces and just ask for advice when needed. The male beginner on the course is the hubby of one of the more experienced ladies. So, yes, couples can do it together.

  3. Wonderful inspirational tutorial! Thank you for sharing! This will go to my list of creative projects to try and I’m looking forward to follow the progress.
    Ps. It’s a very global world and readers in Sweden (for example) are just a click away, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if Mrs. M goes international 🙂

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