Clutch Bag

Do you like my new clutch bag?


This is the end result of a morning workshop at Creative Crafts and Workshops in Reading, run by the lovely Amy of CoCo Crafts.

We had a wide choice of fabric from which to choose. I went for the black and cream flowers as I’d only really use a clutch bag when dressed up, so thought this fabric would be perfect. Others used stripes or more colourful fabrics with flowers on.

The bag is based around rectangles.


I used ready cut pattern pieces to cut the fabric to the right size. It’s the first time I’ve used a pattern since I was at school. I also had to cut lining material and interfacing.


I’ve never used interfacing before and i had to use both iron on and sew in interfacing to strengthen the bag. It’s not that difficult, but before Amy showed me how, I was pretty clueless!


All of the sewing for the bag was sown by machine. We used quite big seam allowances, which made it a lot easier to sew in relatively straight lines!

The bag is held shut by a magnetic clasp – I put two in – one to hold it shut inside and one to shut the bag. They look quite professional and much better than the sewn on clasp I used on my needle case.



I’m quite pleased with my resulting bag. I’m a little bit annoyed that the front / top seam is a bit wonky, but hopefully I’ll notice that more than everyone else will!


I have the pattern pieces and the instructions to help me make another one. I think they would make lovely Christmas presents. I even have some fabric from Vietnam which would be lovely. I need to get a few bits first and need time, which I never seem to have enough of!


8 thoughts on “Clutch Bag

    • Thank you for a fun and productive morning. I couldn’t have done this without Amy’s expert tuition. I hope she’s coming back to do more bag making workshops as I’d be interested in learning how to make more types, and the others expressed an interest too.
      See you soon!

  1. I just have to let you know that I have picked up and started using the word “wonky”. It’s not something we say in the states, but I think it is so cute and fun to say. Hehe

    • It’s not a word I use much, only when applicable, which isn’t often. I don’t think about using it though.
      We definitely speak two different dialects of the same language. Before we went to the states for a month a couple of years back my parents gave Mr M an English to American dictionary. It is huge! My folks had experienced issues when my Dad broke the braces that hold up his trousers. Once he found out they were suspenders in the US he found more, but he has been telling his story for years as suspenders mean something very different here. Let’s just say you wouldn’t expect a retired gentleman to be shopping for the UK version of suspenders!

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