Christmas Cheer!

Sometimes after work I crave a quick crafty project and that’s exactly what this is. Unfortunately it isn’t by far my most successful project and it is certainly one of my most difficult to photograph!

On my recent trip to hobbycraft I treated myself to a glass pen, then once I bought a few reasonably priced shot glasses I got to work.


You can’t see what I put on them here, so here is a different shot:


Still can’t see? How about this:



Yep, in my messy handwriting I wrote a Christmas phrase on each glass. My favourites are the let it snow ones, complete with snowflakes. Ho ho ho worked quite well too.

I promise they look  bit better in the flesh. They aren’t really a crafting fail, just a could do a lot better! Next time I’ll hunt out a thinner pen to start with…
I was very tempted not to post about these, but this is my log of all the things I’ve made, so I can’t really not record it. It has taken me days to get round to posting, which is unusual for me. I can’t be the only one whose projects don’t always go to plan, can I?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer!

  1. I think it’s a fantastic crafty idea! Love the Let it Snow one. Maybe if you put a piece of white card stock or white tissue paper in the glass it would help with photographing. Does it wash off?

  2. Ha, I made 5 pairs of shorts for home 2 wks ago and the waist band only fitted on one pair. I have to redo them all. I cut them all out on the same night and sewed them all at the same time. It’s got me beat what happened and I felt so dumb I wasn’t going to post about it. But you are correct, I must record my journey…The glasses look ok. And next time will be ever better.

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