Stained Glass Lesson Two

Last week the school that holds my stained glass class had an open evening, so we didn’t have a class :-(.

In lesson one I was shown how to cut the glass, choose my design and my glass. This lesson I was cutting more glass! After two hours this is what I had done:


The colours show better when the canvas (i.e. glass sheet I’m placing them on) is lifted up.


It’s something else that is hard to take a photo of! The glass I cut is held onto my glass canvas using my modeling clay. I had wondered why I needed plasticine when I had to get my shopping for the class.

I cut 11 pieces today (I did 1 piece last lesson). I didn’t mark which pieces I had already cut on my pattern, so I accidently started cutting the same shape more than once! I had difficulty with a few shapes as getting them to cut exactly where I wanted didn’t always happen. In the end I abandoned one piece and started again (although initially that was a mistake as I started to do the same piece again, then realised my second cut was better!). Some cuts of glass were harder to do than others. I got better as the evening went on again. Pity the evening class had to end!

Roll on next week!


4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Lesson Two

  1. it’s coming along nicely! Cutting does get easier, it just requires practice, and remember you can always grind if it isn’t perfect. I don’t stick my pieces down with Plasticine, I don’t have a clear real panel, instead as I cut I mark the piece cut and the pattern with a number using a Sharpie. It seems to work though I do have to do a jigsaw puzzle at the start of each lesson. Last lesson I spent ages looking for number 53. I don’t have a number 53, it was 32!

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