Driftwood Mirror

Reading Sarah’s Floral Reflections post on The Handmade Cards Blog reminded me of some things I made a few years ago.

My friend and I spent a long weekend driving up the west coast of Wales. We spent two nights in the lovely coastal town of Aberaeron. It was our longest break and whilst there we chilled, went whale spotting and walked along the beach. I found lots of driftwood along the beach and brought some back with me.

On my way home I stopped in IKEA in Bristol and picked up some plain frames and mirrors. A few days later I made a mess in the lounge and made three driftwood mirrors. One I no longer have as I gave it to my friend, but I still have the other two.

This is my favourite one:


I have good intentions of hanging this on the landing when we finally get it decorated.

This is the other one:


It was originally a frame and I had a local glass company cut me a mirror to fit. I have a feeling this one is resigned to not being on display though.

I’m glad I dug these out today. They remind me of a good time.


7 thoughts on “Driftwood Mirror

  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog 🙂

    I have always fancied making a driftwood mirror, I love the 2 you have created, especially the 2nd one. Seaglass is another thing I love collecting from beaches, one day hope to have enough to decorate a mirror frame


    • Thank you!

      Unfortunately we live far too far away from each other and now rarely see one another. Next time I go and see her I’ll try to remember to take a photo of her mirror – it’s a different style, but it is nice that we both have one!

  2. Lovely mirrors- beachcombing is fun- I just can’t help picking up pebbles and shells which live in a heap in the cloakroom- there must be something better I could do with them.

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