Simple Cross Stitch Snowflake

After spending a long time making my Snowflake Christmas Card, I decided I needed something a bit more simple if I was going to make all of my Christmas cards this year. I like the idea of at least cross stitching some of them!

After looking at some patterns and finding nothing quick and simple, I got out some squared paper…


It’s really easy with whole stitches only and no backstitch. This simple motif could be used for lots of things! It would be great for gift tags or you could use more than one for things like cards.

I decided to stick to the Scandinavian colours of red and white as I personally like them. I bought some cheap duchess stranded cotton for my Christmas decorations last year and decided to use some of this stash up. As duchess stranded cotton is quite thin I used three strands.

This is my favourite out of the two cards I’ve stitched this weekend:


This is actually on a plain white card blank, but I trimmed red paper to fit the front. The ribbon was bought from Sew and So in Bath.

Inside I used one of my hobbycraft 99p stamps:


For the other card I stitched the snowflakes in a row:


I used the rest of my red paper to back the stitching before putting it on the front of another blank white card. I used a different hobbycraft 99p stamp for the middle of this one:


I can knock these out much quicker (and in poorer light!) than my snowflake card.

I keep thinking of ways to use this motif. You might well see it again!


7 thoughts on “Simple Cross Stitch Snowflake

    • I find double sided sellotape has many uses when card making, including sticking aida to card. It’s very rare that I make a card without using it!

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