Stained Glass Lesson Three

Another Wednesday evening, another stained glass lesson 🙂

To see where I was at the end of my second lesson, see my second lesson post.

I’m definitely getting better at cutting glass. I can now cut it closer to the lines and my cuts are cleaner. I only had to tap a few pieces to get them to separate and I used the grinder much less than last week. One piece was a pain as it went very thin at one end and it snapped a bit early for me, twice! My tutor said one of them was ok though.

After cutting the same piece a couple of times last week I decided to tick off the ones I had cut as I went along.

I was a bit indecisive as to colours of glass to use in one part:





Both of these photos are taken with my chipboard in the background, so you can’t see the colours perfectly. I went for the second one, but cut glass for both versions.

I finished cutting all of my glass tonight. Ta Dah!


I could keep fiddling around with the yellow and colourless glass, but have decided to stop.

Now it’s time to start leading. My tutor set up my easel(?) and showed me how to lead it. I didn’t get very far, and need to recut one piece already as I’ve cut it too short. This is what that looks like now:


There are three pieces of glass there! I’ve secured them in place using nails, but I will need to recut the lead between the colourless and purple glass. Then I will cut down the lead on the right. I’m going to work along the bottom to start with. I only had about 10 minutes to do the leading, so couldn’t get much done.

I have two lessons left in this short course. I hope I can get it finished!


7 thoughts on “Stained Glass Lesson Three

  1. You should get it finished – another class to finish the leading (or you could do some at home) and then one to cement. It’s coming on really nicely! I had to laugh at your comment on my blog that cutting straight lines is harder than curves – not if you use a ruler!! I think I’ve still got quite a few weeks left on mine, it has a LOT of parts!!

    • This is only a short course. Apparently there weren’t enough people signed up last time for it to run, so they tried putting it as a short, 5 week, course. Most of us would continue, but will probably have to wait for another term. The group is a mixed group with a few experienced people doing their own projects and us newbies. I’m glad I signed up!

  2. It’s looking good- a craft I have not yet tried but wanted to- you are inspiring me to look for a class. Have you been watching Paul Martin’s homemade revolution- BBC 2- so good to see homemade getting a programme!

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