Oh Christmas Tree…

I wish I had lots of time when I could sit down and spend lots of time making Christmas cards, without real life getting in the way. Unfortunately, like many people out there I have a full-time job and a variety of other things that get in the way of crafting. If I am to handmake all my cards this year I had to start early (which I have) and I can’t make the design too complicated.

Last weekend I figured out a simple cross stitch snowflake, which I made into a few cards. This weekend I came up with a simple tree design:


This is quicker to stitch than the snowflake, and like the snowflake it is stitched using whole stitches only. It looks way better stitched than my hand drawn design!

I stitched a few of these trees yesterday, and today turned them into a Christmas card:


I used ribbon from Sew and So in Bath to make the border. This is probably my quickest stitched card this year!


11 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. This is great! The simplicity of the red on white is really effective. I have never really thought about designing my own patterns before, it would have seemed a bit daunting, but this is perfect. I might give it a go myself!

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