Mrs M Makes is expanding her horizons…

Just over 6 months ago I was sat on a train heading down to St Ives for the Easter weekend. I was reading a magazine that had an article on blogging during the journey and when I wasn’t reading I was cross stitching a card for friends who were moving house the same weekend. I had recently finished some Keep Calm and… pieces for another friend and got to thinking how easy it would be, in time, to forget about makes as I give some away. Then I had a brainwave and Mrs M Makes was born!

This blog was started as a log of everything I make (after all, blog is an abbreviation of web log!). I doubted anyone would read it, and in someways it didn’t matter as it would be a sort of record card! I had photos of most things I had made since getting my current phone, which I got only weeks after getting back from honeymoon, so I backdated the makes to the start of my life as Mrs M. Initially only people I knew visited my blog, as I advertised it on my Facebook page, but a lot of them weren’t interested in my attempts at being creative. However, slowly, people started following me and now people from literally all around the world visit my little blog. Thanks for coming!

It is amazing how in this modern day you can connect with, and feel inspired by, people from all over the world. Whilst some of my friends are a bit crafty, that is the exception rather than the rule. My sister-in-law really couldn’t see why I got a bit excited when I found a button shop! I’m sure that most people reading this would also be wanting to dive in.

I’m really pleased I started blogging, and don’t worry, I’m not stopping my crafty adventures! This week I have expanded Mrs M Makes further in to the world of the world wide web. I am now on twitter (@mrsmmakes) and tonight I joined Facebook properly. I can now also be found at Pop over and like me!

Thank you for all your support!


5 thoughts on “Mrs M Makes is expanding her horizons…

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing last week. I have sooo many people that check out my blog and I am still soooo excited and amazed that they find me inspiring! This blogging has changed my life! PS: Liked you on facey 🙂

  2. I found blogging this year when I became sick and housebound, blogging has been wonderful.. I live in a regional town and finding friends who are interested in sewing or crafts is near impossible. I’ve learned sew sew much, I’m am totally amazed with the things I can now do thanks to the Internet bringing friends close. I’m looking forward to so much more with my blog friends and learning more skills. Congrats. My sister would walk right on by but I’m with you at that button store!

  3. I know exactly one person in “real life” who crafts, and that’s my mum! I don’t even tell people I know in person about my blog, I’m sure they’d have no interest and I prefer it that way!

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