Advent Labels

As I’m participating in an advent swap, I need to find a way to label all the goodies with the date. The things I have put together vary dramatically in size, but I wanted consistency in how they are labelled. I thought date tags would work.

I started with easy to find bits from Wilcos:


OK, I’m not a child, but I liked the look of the paint sponges. The paint is also designed for children, but I didn’t want to use my more expensive fabric paint. The luggage tags are actually from The Works as they were the colour I wanted and the packs in Wilcos were white and in smaller packs.

I used the poster paint and the sponges to stamp the dates on one side of a luggage tag:


The number five wouldn’t stamp nicely and the four wasn’t great either! They took ages to dry!

I wanted to decorate them a bit more, but wanted each one to be the same. I couldn’t fit more on every label on the front, so turned them over:


Having these labels will make it easier to take photos recording presents with the date they are to be opened on, so I can share them with you all on the appropriate date.

This was a really quick thing to do, but was quite fun too. I regressed to a little girl! Hopefully when it is all put together it won’t look too childish.


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