Stained Glass Lesson Four

At the very end of Lesson Three, I was shown how to lead my glass. I’ve decided that I prefer cutting glass to leading!

At the start of this lesson I struggled to get the lead to fit as when trying to get lead to go past more than one piece of glass, I found that they kept slipping. After a while I (with a bit of help) figured out when doing a longer piece I had to undo the supporting lead as I went along. I also am an expert at either cutting the lead a little too short or crushing the end. I managed to figure out how not to crush the end as the class progressed.

1 hr 15 mins into the class this is where I had got to:


As I continued I had to place glass in places where a lot of lead meets. That is a challenge! I also had a big scratch on one clear piece, so I had to cut the piece along the line and trim it down a bit to allow the lead space. Almost at the end of the class I managed to cut myself quite deeply on my fingers when trying to place the last purple piece in place as it was a tough shape to fit into place. Ow!

I had hoped to finish leading yesterday, but that didn’t happen. This is where I ended up:


I will have to finish leading after half term. The good news is that they are considering continuing the class, so I may have more than one lesson left!

Scrubbing lead off my fingers was my last crafty challenge of the night. It took ages!

To see how my stained glass has progressed see my posts on:
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