The Beadster

There is no bead shop in Reading, so if I visit somewhere that has a bead shop, I make sure I pop in!


Many UK residents will recognise this hill as it was in Hovis adverts (see here to watch the advert on YouTube). More recently the olympic torch was carried up the hill.

This hill is known as Gold Hill and is in Shaftesbury, Dorset. I was there as it is roughly halfway between where I live and where my parents live and it seemed like an appropriate place to meet for lunch.

At the top of Gold Hill you will find this:


I have visited bead shops in Cardiff and St Ives this year. The Beadster in Shaftesbury is twice the size of both of those shops.







Luckily I had allowed a lot longer for my drive than needed, so I had a while to browse. There was so much choice! They sell all sorts of findings and lots and lots of beads. This is what I treated myself to:

Lots of loose beads


Two strings of beads


Sale beads (50p for all of these!)


And a few other bits (including the bead mat all these photos were taken on)


I think I may suggest another meet up in Shaftesbury at some point, but until then I will keep an eye on their website.


6 thoughts on “The Beadster

  1. What fun bead shop. How do you decide what to get? My budget is always small so price is always my deciding factor. Love all your beadwork you have shown. The makeovers are great.

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