Another charity shop crochet find…

If you remember a few months ago I found the first issue of Art of Crochet in a charity shop. I thought it was a good bargain, but when they rereleased it a few months later I found that wasn’t such a bargain after all, as for the same price when new I would have also got a crochet hook and a dvd too. Oh well!

I often browse in charity shops if I have time when shopping. The town I live in is only three miles from Reading town centre with all of it’s shops, so our little town centre has a few essential shops and six (if you count the Oxfam and the Oxfam bookshop separately) charity shops. This is what I found in one of them recently:


Whole balls of crochet wool all the way from South Africa! There were only these two colours at £1 a ball. They seemed quite Christmassy, so I now have both colours (leaving some red behind). What I am going to do with it, I don’t know yet, but I do have a size two crochet hook in my roll


3 thoughts on “Another charity shop crochet find…

  1. Cool! Elle crochet thread No5 is lovely to work with. They also made a No.8 and a DK, both also very nice. I don’t know if they still manufacture it in balls like that, they seem to do rolly/tubey things now. Enjoy!

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