Clutch Bags

When I attended a workshop and made a clutch bag a couple of weeks ago I thought that these bags would make perfect presents. I ordered magnetic clasps over the web and once they arrived, I went fabric shopping. This is the fabric I came home with:


Stupidly I bought more fabric than I could make bags with. I decided to stick to with the material I planned to use black lining with, so I didn’t have to keep rethreading my sewing machine. I even changed the needle on my machine for the first time ever!

I set up a bit of a production line.


And the outers:


Luckily you can’t tell from the finished bags that I couldn’t find firm black sew in interfacing. I did manage to find black iron on interfacing which I used to strengthen the fabric.

After hours on the sewing machine (and two broken needles), I made four bags.





No I didn’t take two photos of the same bag. I made two out of the last fabric as I quite like it (yes, one is for me!). I am getting better as the fronts of these are less wonky than my original!

Here they are all together:


I love the magnetic clasps on each bag!


They are so professional looking, they close the bag securely and easily, and once you know how to do it, they are easy to use.

Remember my sew in labels? I decided to sew these into the bags that I’m giving away. It was quite hard to line them up perfectly in between layers so that they were sewn in, without being sewn over the words.


I hope the recipients of the bags like them as much as I do. I’m giving one to my sister in law as a thank you for accommodating us next weekend, another to a friend whose birthday is in November and the third is a Christmas present.

Would you like one for a present? Which do you prefer?


10 thoughts on “Clutch Bags

  1. I love them all. Nice work. Thanks for sharing your sewing experience with us. I haven’t used magnetic closures yet, but I’m looking forward to using them on something someday.

    • Make sure you visit before the end of Jan as that is when Jacksons will be closing 😦 OK, it doesn’t have a cool image, but it is a hidden gem! The wool selection is incredible and it is the only place in the very centre to have both DMC and Anchor embroidery thread. It is also one of the last places to still be using a pneumatic tube till system (although the wool dept has a normal style till). It’ll be such a shame when it goes…

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