A sort out and a surprise!

Unlike some of you lucky people out there, I don’t have a dedicated craft room. I have made it clear to Mr M that I want one, but there just isn’t the space in this house and apart from the lack of craft room, this house suits us well. I have crafty bits in the lounge, dining room, hall and little bedroom. We intend to get the dining room replastered then decorated, so it needs emptying (which would please Mr M a lot!).

Our box room was stuffed to the rafters, apart from on top of the single spare bed. We actually refer to this room as “Jess’s room” as our older cat thinks it is her room. The idea is that my crafty bits all move to this room. The only place they could go was on an IKEA bookshelf that I bought when at uni, but that was full, so a clear out was in order. I was ruthless with books – after all if I haven’t used a book since uni then I’ll get rid of it in preference to keep crafty things that I use regularly. I also had a vast collection of secondary level school books on Science and Chemistry in particular. Again ruthlessness was needed and I disposed of anything I can’t remember using recently. In an ideal world I’d keep it all, but life isn’t like that (and Mr M is definitely not a hoarder!).

I texted the photo below to Mr M to show him that I’d almost filled a shopping trolley with things (mainly books) that I was getting rid of. I couldn’t park outside the Oxfam Bookshop so commandered a shopping trolley to save time!


After a trip to the charity shops, I decided that if I was going to sort out the shelves, I should attack the top shelf too. I hope I’m not the only one who has a shelf that is full to the ceiling with all sorts of things. To be honest, whilst I could see my shredder and a drawer set with stationery in, I had no idea what else was up there. I had flung up bags for life in the past and really don’t know what was in them. I took a deep breath and got them down. I now have a bin bag full of bits that will be of no use to others (and I haven’t used for a while) and a big plastic bag that I’m going to take to a charity shop tomorrow. I also found this and didn’t have the heart to throw it out:


I’d forgotten that I had made this. I did the embroidery (it’s giant cross stitch) during either my third or fourth year at uni. I lived in the same house for two years so can’t date it more than that, but I do remember sewing it in my room. I took the finished embroidery back to my parents at one point and my lovely Mum put a back on it complete with a zip. Maybe one day when I have a craft room I’ll have this on a chair in it!


7 thoughts on “A sort out and a surprise!

  1. it’s wonderful having a craft room, I hope you can get one soon! although I still end up with all my crafty stuff scattered throughout the house!

  2. that’s a gorgeous cushion, i hope it finds a home with you again one day.
    But there are some facts you are going to have to face (so is Mr M): if you are a crafter, there will ALWAYS be bits and pieces of stuff everywhere!!! It’s hard to keep everything packed away. I don’t have a special room either – I have a third bedroom which is where my pc and sewing machines live, but it is now also full of beads, paper, lampshades, fabric, wood, etc etc. I have managed to leave a narrow path clear from the door to my pc, but even that gets tricky sometimes and I end up leaping!

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  4. Good luck with the clean out. I could probably do with one of those myself but with no motivation it’s hard to get around to it. And I also envy those lucky crafters with craft rooms. That would be such a fantastic improvement over my current situation. Your needlework is lovely by the way, glad you found it and it didn’t get tossed out?

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