Souvenir Jewellery

Most people like to bring something back from their travels and I am one of those people. However in recent times I haven’t been bringing back ornaments, but crafty bits, often beads, that I can enjoy using and that will remind me of my trip (see a nice reminder for an example of what I have made in the past).

When in Bath for my birthday in Sept, we came across many fab things. You’ve seen the ribbon and buttons I bought, but I didn’t tell you about the haematite. Just up the road from the Roman Baths there was a market stall selling fossils and gemstones. Most gemstones weren’t much use to me, but he did have a few made into bracelets, so I bought some. The bracelets were simply drilled polished stones strung onto elastic. I bought haematite and black onyx (i think!). I did joke to Mr M that I’ll have to wear them when teaching about iron extraction (haematite is the iron ore my students have to name) but that’s a tad sad.

I hadn’t made anything with my bracelets since buying them for two reasons – lack of time and lack of another bead to go with them. It’s my half term holiday now, so that has given me more time than usual, so I can’t use time as an excuse any more. When in Shaftesbury, I found and bought some small haematite beads at The Beadster. So, that’s all my complications solved.

I ruined some of yesterday’s hard work in tidying my craft bits upstairs and brought my jewellery bits back downstairs and got to work. I started with these:


And soon ended up with these:


It’s quite basic, but is quite stunning with the way light reflects off the stones. Each of the bigger stones is a unique shape, as nature intended. It’s quite a heavy necklace, so I doubled up on wire for support. I liked the way the necklace sat on top of my high necked jumper earlier. This is definitely a keepsake for me!


3 thoughts on “Souvenir Jewellery

    • Cook? What does that mean?
      I do get moaned at for crafting rather than cooking at times. I’m on a holiday from work at the moment, so have more time than normal. All my crafting time will soon disappear.

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