I have never come across the word femmage before yesterday, but some femmage work caught my eye at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.
Look at these:





These outfits have embroidery and applique on them, as well as the very obvious buttons. They were made using recycled fabrics from the artist’s grandmothers generation. An awful lot of work went into them!

The outfits were inspired by Femmage. I had to look up a definition. This is what Brooklyn Museum says as part of information on one of their exhibitors:
Definition of “Femmage:”
1. It is work by a woman. 2. The activities of saving and collecting are important ingredients. 3. Scraps are essential to the process and are recycled in the work. 4. The theme has a woman-life context. 5. The work has elements of covert imagery. 6. The theme of the work addresses itself to an audience of intimates. 7. It celebrates a private or public event. 8. A diarist’s point of view is reflected in the work. 9. There is drawing and/or handwriting sewn in the work. 10. It contains silhouetted images which are fixed on material. 11. Recognizable images appear in narrative sequence. 12. Abstract forms create a pattern. 13. The work contains photographs or other printed matter. 14. The work has a functional as well as an aesthetic life.

I would definitely say that the work I have shown you above fills most of their criteria. Therefore it must be Femmage. The exhibit was called Love and Femmage and you can find out the artist here.


6 thoughts on “Femmage?

  1. I have never heard of femmage before either, bu the works you showed are just fabulous! Quite a bit of thought and creativity went into those pieces. I especially love the first dress you showed. It looks like it would just swish and swirl ever so lovely by the wearer. The artwork is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing and enlightening.

  2. That’s such an interesting concept, I’ve never heard of it before but it sounds like a really fantastic crafting endeavor. Those dresses look beautiful. It amazes me how talented some people are when you give them some fabric and a sewing machine.

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