Reading Stained Glass

My stained glass class is carrying on, so I need materials for my next project. I bought everything for my first project from my tutor and had the opportunity to do again, but chose to go to the shop myself for a wider range and some inspiration.

What inspiration there was too. I saw all of this (and more) before even entering the store:




I love this lamp! (So much so that my twitter and Facebook followers will recognise it!).

I found the shop to be way bigger than I imagined. Downstairs was a showroom full of stained glass for sale. Look at all of these lightshades:




The last two really caught my eye!

They also sold fused glass. I had a go at this back in the summer and the products for sale were way more impressive than mine:



I spent a very long time trying to choose my glass. The ground floor is covered in lots of cabinets like this:


There are huge sheets of glass at the bottom, glass in front of a light so that you can see what it looks like in the middle and small sheets at the top. This cabinet is approximately a quarter of that on display, and then you also had the bargain box!

I spent probably an hour looking at it all, before coming out with just three colours (one of which is clear!) for the design I have in my head. I still haven’t finalised it, but know essentially what I want and it is going to be quite simple. Saturday was the only day i could go to the shop, so it had to be done! I was originally going to go for reds, but didn’t want something too dark (hard to see where to cut!) and I couldn’t find two that i decided went very well together. I changed my mind and went for blue instead. My parents collect blue and white china of a particular design, so that would work. I bought water glass as that was relatively cheap. I also bought lead, despite not needing it for a few weeks.

Now I must really finish my design!


5 thoughts on “Reading Stained Glass

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip to the glass store. I can’t wait to see your next piece. Do the glass shop workers walk around all day wearing special gloves to handle the glass?

    • Virtually at Cemetery Junction in Reading. It’s probably about two miles from my house, but due to a central island and one way system, it is annoyingly hard to get to!

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