Stained Glass Patterns

I have decided that I’ll make my folks a stained glass panel for Christmas. But what pattern?

My parents live in a Georgian house (lucky them!) and are fairly traditional in their likes/dislikes. I decided to try to make them something that fits with them AND their house, yet it can’t be that big due to time restraints.

Any Google search will bring up lots of stained glass designs. I kept going back day after day and couldn’t quite find something perfect. The books that I flicked through in Reading Stained Glass had some interesting ideas, but were too complicated for the size I have the time to do…

In the end, I kept coming back to this:


BUT, if made into a design of roughly only 25cm square, there are far too many very small pieces, which would disappear under leading. Not to mention my time restraints!

I tried to simplify part of the design:


The proportions just didn’t look right, so I shrank the thick outer band. I also changed the middle to something which would hopefully be easier to lead as less curvy (but still quite pointy!) and that gets rid of the tiny middle circle, which would not only be a nightmare to cut, but also to lead and it would also disappear under the lead.

This is my final design:


It took ages to get to this! I think having a star in the middle makes it slightly more Christmassy, without being overly so. The proportions around the edge look better than my first attempt.

I am going to take this to work tomorrow to photocopy a few times. I don’t want to lose my hard work measuring and drawing lines (first in pencil, then in thick pen to allow for the lead) with a silly mistake. I might even get colouring pencils out!


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