Ta Dah! My First Ever Stained Glass Piece is Finished!

I’ve finished it!


After getting rid of the excess cement last week and at the weekend this was almost finished. I polished it in my sixth stained glass class, and then it was finished!

To see how this progressed see my earlier posts:
Stained Glass Lesson One
Stained Glass Lesson Two
Stained Glass Lesson Three
Stained Glass Lesson Four
Stained Glass Lesson Five

I am now working on my second piece which will be my parents Christmas present.


9 thoughts on “Ta Dah! My First Ever Stained Glass Piece is Finished!

  1. The stanined glass piece is so lovely…thanks a million for the lessons…I find stained glass an intricate piece of art…saw loads of them in many of the churches that I had visited in Australis..good luck in your second stained glass piece.

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  3. Well done, it’s wonderful! I’m still leading… I thought I’d get a lot done last night, but I forgot I hadn’t cut the circles for the glass nuggets out and it’s taking forever!

  4. Looks beautiful! I’ve enjoyed watching you create this and I think it’s so cool how you’re doing stained glass!

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