A Star is Born!

If you saw my earlier post on stained glass patterns, you’ll know my final design for my second piece has a star at the centre. I photocopied my sketch and coloured it in to gain a rough idea how it would look with three colours:


The two shades of blue colouring pencil I used are more subtle than the glass I bought.

I started by cutting out all of the colourless glass. Whilst there are a lot of straight lines, I still did it all freehand.


Colourless glass isn’t that easy to see!

Then I did my darker blue:


And just about had time to start on my lighter blue:


Some of these pieces need grinding, especially the very pointy ones! As I managed all of this in a lesson, with a bit of time taken out to polish my first piece, so I’m sure I’ll be leading for part of next lesson. This may well be doable in the time I’ve allowed myself!


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