A Periodic Birthday

As you may well know, I am a Chemistry teacher. Many moons ago I did indeed study Chemistry at university, and I met some of my closest friends there (as well as Mr M, but that was all a long time ago). I remember one point when doing my masters when one of my female friends pointed out that we were the only women in our lab group. I hadn’t even noticed! So yes, I have more male friends than female from those years.

With quite a few friends a text or Facebook message is now all we exchange on birthdays, but I do still exchange cards and presents with one friend. This friend lived with Mr M all those years ago and is virtually responsible for us meeting. He has been there for both of us for over ten years now.

Since blogging I haven’t bought a single card and I’m trying to make them all (who knows if it will extend to Christmas – too many to make and not enough time!). I find men way harder than woman to craft for. Luckily after a trip to the Science Museum in London, I was inspired.

This is the card I made:


(Photo taken at night before packaging for postage).

Yep, I was inspired by the Periodic Table!


3 thoughts on “A Periodic Birthday

  1. Love it! I was a biochem major in undergrad, I really did enjoy it but ended up minoring in it and graduating with a psych degree lol. One of my teachers got me molecule earrings for my birthday, science gifts are the best!

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