Pressing Matters

When ironing for applique or when ironing very delicate fabrics I have been using teatowels for a while to prevent damage. A lot of our teatowels are patterned or in deep colours and I do worry about colours running from teatowels onto my fabric and excess glue going onto teatowels. I have a separate craft ironing board and iron now after leaving glue on our normal one, which later transferred onto one of Mr M’s work shirts. Oops!

When Shona of The Sewing House mentioned using a ironing cloth when doing applique, I thought having a dedicated cloth would be perfect. I even have some natural cotton I thought would be perfect!


The problem is that the fabric frays. It is a perfect reason to practice my new found hemming skills.


I pinned hems at opposite sides of the fabric, and sewed them. Then I rotated it by 90° and repeated.


Now I have a pressing cloth:



It is wider than my ironing board, but not too big that it will be a nightmare to store. I have used it quite a few times after making it already!

This is an easy make, but one I will use fairly regularly when sewing. I made it from material in my stash, so cost nothing at time of making (the fabric was originally only 20p, so it was a cheap make). It was good hemming practice too!


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