It’s Almost Advent!

Christmas is rapidly approaching. In many ways, that is daunting, but I am looking forward to the break.

As a kid I loved the build up to Christmas through Advent. I used to love having an advent calendar and opening a window every morning. I was probably about 10 when I progressed to a chocolate advent calendar. This year I’m doing something far more exciting!

When I saw Laa Laa was organising an advent swap, I just had to sign up! For what is involved see Laa Laa’s post.


I have prepared 25 gifts for my swap partner. Some are handmade, some are to encourage her, as a relatively new crafter, to try new things and others are just Christmassy! On Christmas day she has a present to open that is a bit bigger/took more time to make. You’ll see!

Last month I made some labels for my gifts for the swap. I have wrapped my swap gifts in brown paper to match these labels. My wrapping isn’t that great, unfortunately. Hopefully my swap partner will be more interested in what is inside than the wrapping!


It is impossible to show 25 gifts with all numbers showing! They all fit in a wine bottle box ready for posting.

Come December 1st, I intend to share what I’ve received with you guys and will also show you what I mailed to my swap partner. I hope she is as excited by it all as me!

Merry almost Christmas!


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