Papercut Cards

A few months back, I treated myself to a craft knife. I haven’t used it much, but was quite pleased with the cupcake card I made with it, so decided to try more papercutting.

When making the cupcake card, I cut the image out of paper and stuck it to a card blank. I was feeling more adventurous second time round and cut the image out of the card blank instead and stuck coloured paper behind it.


This card is for a birthday.


And I used this one to RSVP to a wedding invite. I’m really pleased with them both and will definitely make cards this way again. It is quite effective and relatively quick.


7 thoughts on “Papercut Cards

  1. I’ve been busy making 66 thank you cards after the death of my Dad. Previously I’ve probably made 4 cards in total. Reading your blog has inspired me to do more. I’m going to try not to buy any more cards. Thank you for sharing. They are beautiful.

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