The Big Stitch

The joys of twitter and facebook mean we can keep up to speed on what is going on, if you follow the right people of course! I follow Mr X Stitch (@MrXStitch) and he tweeted about the Big Stitch at the Ashmolean in Oxford, on December 1st.  I read a bit about it,  after all, Oxford is a relatively short train journey away…

As well as a special exhibition there are:

  • Interesting sounding lectures
  • Young Embroiders’ Workshops
  • Creative Workshops For Adults
  • Tours
  • The World’s Longest Embroidery
  • Crowd Stitching
  • Embroidery Demonstrations
  • and more…

All of this is free!

50% of the tickets for tours and workshops are pre-bookable.  I’m booked onto a workshop from 2 to 4pm on Raised Work Embroidery. I also tried to book onto the mornings workshop on making a Japanese Pocket Book, but all the pre-bookable tickets had gone. I’m planning to try to get there in time to get a ticket on the day. For some adults the tours may be of more interest. There are also lots of workshops for kids, as well as drop in sessions.

I am also hoping to help extend the world’s longest embroidery (currently 600m long!) and join in with the crowd stitching. They even have 1000 mini kits available to help you have a go!

To learn more about The Big Stitch see here.

It looks like fun and is incredible value. I will be travelling for approximately 1hr 30mins each way to get there and back, but it should be worth it. If you’re in the area, why not pop over/in?


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