A-tischoo! A-tischoo!

It’s the time of year here in the UK when it’s cold and wet and everyone is sneezing. Unfortunately I have been one of them for the last few days. I feel pretty horrid, but I have kept going, just! One of the things that helped me keep going was my stained glass class. I was very tempted to stay in bed on Wednesday morning, but I could hardly go to my class if I had taken the day off work!

Sneezing definitely slows down whatever you are doing. You can’t sneeze and do something else at the same time! This has impacted a lot of what I have done over the last few days. I kept having to take breaks from my stained glass to have sneezing fits. I hope that I haven’t made anyone there ill!

I did manage to get a bit done.

I finished cutting the glass:


I also grinded some of the pieces down so that they fitted together better. I then started leading:


I have two and a bit lessons left before Christmas. I hope I can get it finished in time!


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