Should I?

I had a late night at work tonight and whilst compulsory, it clashed with my stained glass class! As I drove home, I realised I could probably make about 45 minutes of the class. I could drive home and put my feet up, or I could hope the temporary traffic lights were for me, and go to my class in my work clothes (my apron, glass etc was already in the car). What would you do?

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know what I did! Yep, I did stained glass in my work clothes! I haven’t done anything crafty in the last week due to a combination of feeling rubbish and having reports to write, and wanted a bit of me time, hence my decision to go.

Once I arrived at my class I only had 40 minutes of the class. Factor in setting up and packing away time and I probably actually had under 30 minutes!

So was it worth it?


With a lot of help, some of my middle star is leaded. I’m starting to think that despite simplifying the middle of the design, it is still pretty complicated when you start thinking about how many leads meet in the centre! Another factor is the size of the piece. It is 25cm x 25cm, which gives you an idea just how small the centre is!

I’m glad I went. Whilst to you it may not look like a huge amount of progress was made (last weeks post), this was actually quite hard to do. I now have more idea how to do the rest next week. Ideally I’ll finish cutting the leading next week, which leaves me a week to solder and cement. It’s getting a bit too close to Christmas for my liking now!


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