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Sewist’s Secret Santa

Back in November I told you all about Krafty Kat’s Secret Santa. It was the last Christmas swap I joined, and was a bit different to the others that whilst I knew who I was buying stuff for and sending it to, I had (and still have) no idea who was getting me bits! This is how secret santas are supposed to work after all! Part way through December I received a parcel that contained two little parcels:


After reading the card I realised it was my Secret Santa presents and decided to wait until nearer Christmas. Whoever was my Santa had read my blog and apologised for not getting something glass related, but hoped that whatever she’d sent (I’m presuming she!) would be useful whenever I sewed… I still resisted, but virtually as soon as I got back from my parents I had to give in!


What a lovely little tin I found. It’s a Cath Kidston pin tin, but when I opened it I found a bit more….


Every girl needs a seam ripper as well as 200 pins! I then opened the other parcel…


and found a tomato pincushion. I intend to do a lot more sewing in 2013 and want to learn how to make my own clothes, so all of this will be very useful. Whoever my Santa is, THANK YOU!

If you want to know what I sent it will be revealed below. I’m not going to disclose who I sent it to however. It’s up to you…

Still interested?

Keep going….

Almost there…..

OK then, you must want to know…..

The person who I sent something to is a well established blogger who makes some pretty amazing clothes. Not only does she make modern stuff, following patterns by current, independent designers, but she also uses vintage patterns. I’m very envious of her skills. She’s only had a sewing machine for three years, yet you would think she’d been professionally trained…

I decided to buy fabric….

And went for a pattern, not a particular type of fabric, just for something that caught my eye.

Wanna see it? The light wasn’t quite right, but here it is….


It is a stretchy fabric, which I could never sew. The background colour is navy, and the pink bits you can see are butterflies. I think it’s really pretty and hope she does too. I bought 1.2m, which should be enough for a top, but swallowed most of my £5 budget. I also wanted to send a little something made by me. I made a pair of earrings and sent a homemade card too:


Hopefully my Santee will like it as much as I liked my presents. I have followed her blog since before I got paired with her and can’t wait to see what she makes with the fabric…


Faith Hope and Charity Shopping’s Christmas Swap

I have been a very restrained swapper. I have had my swap goodies for this swap for a while, but resisted temptation and didn’t open them until we’d got back from Christmas at my parents.

Before I share my spoils, I’ll remind you of the guidelines:
Between 3 & 5 gifts
At least one has to be “thrifted”
At least one should be handmade
One should relate to a Christmas Carol
Maximum spend of £12.

I love everything I opened.


I even like the Simpsons who were on the wrapping paper! Inside I found:


Two strings of beads (the little purple ones are absolutely fabulous!)


Three big dark purple beads


A decopatch Christmas bauble and


Twilight bath gel by Lush!

My swap partner had clearly spent time reading by blog and found out things I like to do, favourite colours etc. I am one very lucky lady!

I also spent a while researching what she liked to do/buy/collect!

Kathryn collects utility china, including items made by Grindley. So I bought her this plate:



It’s petal ware. She also collects vintage pyrex, so when I saw this in a local charity shop, I had to buy it for her:


It is made by JAJ Pyrex and according to my research it is the Matchmaker pattern. Some websites think it is 50s, but most think it is 60s. It is quite scary how much it is for sale for online, yet it only cost me £2!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate:


I also gave her one of my felted soaps:


I struggled with the Christmas carol part! In the end I made some snowflake earrings for “Let It Snow”…



Kathryn seems pleased with what she received. To read her blog post click here.

I will definitely do such swaps again!

Christmas Time…

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! We’ve had a busy one, offset with days in bed ill beforehand, then my little sister’s wedding and of course all the Christmas prep. We have eaten far too much and drunk even more!

My parents were very impressed with and happy with their present. Here it is leaning on their fireplace in their lounge:


I was a bit too busy to take a photo of the finished stained glass before wrapping it up for them, so I’m afraid this is the best I’ve got! Hopefully they will put it up somewhere and I’ll take a photo of it in situ and will share it with you then.

My parents have been asking me for years what I want for Christmas. I only asked for something little originally as it is an expensive time with my sister’s wedding, but got told to let them know about something bigger. Well, this is what I got:


Hobbycraft had it on offer a while ago (£15 off!) so I passed the details on. I had to explain to everyone there what it is, but I am quite excited about playing with it properly when at home.

What did you get? Anything crafty?

My parents no longer live where I grew up. They not only live in a different house, but a different town, well, county even! When they downsized and moved they got rid of a lot of stuff, but they did keep some bits. This is on the wall in their spare room:


My parents started collecting blue and white china in the 90s. I did this sampler for my Mum’s birthday in 1994. It used to live in the dining room in our old house, but as their spare room has a blue theme they put it up in the spare room when they moved. I now wake up and see this every morning when staying with them. It’s quite a simple piece, but reasonably impressive and fits well with their likes. I think this will be my oldest make I will ever show you as I was only 14 when I made it. I hope you like it!

Yes, I’ve entered again!
There are some amazing entries this month. Have a look for yourself…


Hello all you lovely folk!

I’m sure you are all well into the swing of Christmas, preparing to feast and hopefully have some wonderful plans to spend tomorrow with your loved ones. I myself am eye-ball deep in a chaotic house, busy packing for our flight this evening to the UK! Yipeee!

But before I rush off again to fling yet another wooly jumper in my bag, here are the latest Made It entries….

Christmas Wreath

Welcome back Knitrun4sanity and thanks for entering again. WOW, this stunning wreath is actually KNITTED – and in an afternoon (hence the title, Quick Christmas Wreath!!!) You can visit her post here for the pattern.


Funny Girl Jill from Nice Piece of Work has entered what I believe to be one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts ever. This jolly Christmas frame is SOOO effective and so simple (assuming you have good hand writing – and…

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Advent Day Twenty

Today I opened these:


They may well come in useful on our drive to my parents tomorrow!

I gave Justine this:


A keying made by Custom Made UK who make all sorts of lovely things! I often admire her makes when in Oxford. To find out where to buy these delights and more click here.

Button Heart Wedding Present

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I have been collecting red buttons. I have given away that I wanted them for my sister, but not much else. Well, this is it:


My little sister is getting married on Monday and this is her wedding present. I’ve also bought them a few bits, but wanted to give them something handmade and personal.

The buttons are from a variety of places. Some are brand new and others are not. I have some left over, but soon realised I would have to leave gaps.

To get the shape I wanted I drew a heart on the reverse of the fabric using a water soluble fabric pen. Using embroidery thread I first of all sewed buttons around the edge, keeping roughly to the shape I had drawn. Then I filled the inside, which took longer than I thought! I could have easily left it there, but decided to embroider their names and the date. I wasn’t quite sure that this was the right idea (as I disclosed on Facebook and Twitter), but once I started I couldn’t really go back. I am quite pleased with the result. Hopefully they will be too…

Advent Days Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen

I’ve been a bad Advent Blogger and haven’t blogged about my swap goodies since a brief post on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday I only spent about half an hour in my house after work before heading out to Christmas dos. I headed straight to bed when I got in both nights, so didn’t even have a chance to open my advent swap presents. I feel as though I need another week before Christmas!

I was too keen on opening my advent presents today to take a note of which was which! Here are all the three I opened today:


I opened a slow cooker cookbook,purple feathers and a blue polka dot wide ribbon.

I sent:


Handmade star earrings


The Snowman cross stitch card kit


Blue polka dot ribbon!

Things have quietened down, a bit, so hopefully I’ll be back to blogging the swap goodies once a day again soon!