It’s time to open the first window on your advent calendar!

December is here! It seems like ages ago that I signed up for Laa Laa’s Advent Swap. My swap partner and I received our parcels packed with goodies on the same day and I have been itching to see what she has got me!


Even Pepper, our younger cat, was intrigued! (This is his first blog appearance, but he’s fairly chilled about it all).

Ta Dah!


An advent candle is the perfect thing to open on December 1st. Justine has clearly put a lot of thought in all of this. I hope I don’t let her down. This is what she opened from me:


A small clasp purse, personalised with a wooden button. I hope she likes it!


4 thoughts on “It’s time to open the first window on your advent calendar!

  1. One of my blogger friends Hannah Ackroyd has lead me to your blog! Aww, what a lovely cat! Indeed, December is here! What a lovely swap. 🙂

    (P.S. Mrs M, I’d love to invite you to join us over at GIG (Girls Inspired Group) my newly created FB Blogging Community with diverse bloggers from all over the world. Hannah is also there. I’d love to introduce you to the girls & gents! – here See you there!)

  2. The wait is finally over. I know you are going to have such fun opening your advent gifts. The gift given and received are both lovely. I will enjoy seeing what you open each day.

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