The World’s Longest Embroidery!

I could write so many posts about the wonders I saw and the fun I had yesterday at The Big Stitch at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. I am going to focus posts on the two main bits I took part in: The World’s Longest Embroidery and Raised Work Embroidery. As you can probably tell by the title of this post, this focuses on The World’s Longest Embroidery.

I got to the Ashmolean before the Big Stitch started, so headed to the cafe for a quick, refreshing drink. I looked at my map and planned my day, then headed across the floor to see this huge bit of embroidery. Now I knew it was long obviously, but I didn’t expect to see it running up the wall a few times!

It's long

Over 7000  people from all around the world have added their mark to this piece of embroidery and were doing so when I arrived.


I sat down towards the end of this table and spotted a huge roll of the fabric next to me!


Contributions on the quilt are completely open to the stitchers. Here are some of the contributions near where I sat:


This is what I added:


As you can tell, I’m feeling the Christmassy vibe a bit at the moment! I did it completely freehand, as you can tell as it’s not perfect straight, and the angles are off. It took me far longer than I realised, but it was great fun. You know I enjoy sewing, but this was very social, talking to other people from near and far. Lots of people beside me were making their mark:


So, I hear you ask – why is this the world’s longest piece of embroidery?

Well according to Mr X Stitch it is all due to the continuing line running through the whole piece:


Finally I’m going to leave you with a picture of the floor! It will give you an idea of just how long it is – over 600m and counting!




3 thoughts on “The World’s Longest Embroidery!

  1. When I visited the World’s Longest embroidery in the morning it was very busy. I intended to go back later to leave my mark but then I started demonstrating at 12.30 and didn’t stop until 5.00 pm! Glad you got to leave your mark. I look forward to hearing about your raised work embroidery class.

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