Advent Day Three

I am definitely not a morning person! I always make sure I have time to have breakfast before leaving the house, but that’s about it. Unfortunately that means I don’t have time to open an advent parcel and blog about it before work. You will soon see that my advent posts will be written in the evening midweek. This morning I didn’t even have a chance to open the parcel, but it gave me something to look forward to after work.

Justine and I exchanged a bit of information about ourselves back in September when we got paired up for this swap. She has obviously remembered that my favourite colour is purple when choosing today’s gift:


Pretty purple ribbons 🙂

I veered away from crafty bits for my gift to her today.


Advent calendars nowadays make me think of chocolate, so I had to include chocolate somewhere in her gifts. Malteasers aren’t just any chocolate, they’re “lighter than ordinary chocolate”!


2 thoughts on “Advent Day Three

  1. You must have been thinking about opening present#3 all day. The ribbons are lovely, but the chocolate is awesome! I agree-you can’t have an advent calendar without chocolate.

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