Advent Day Four

When you have a long, busy day at work it is nice to have something to look forward to when you get home. My advent swap is definitely providing that at the moment!

Tonight I opened a parcel containing this:


This card is very festive and looks relatively quick and easy to stitch as it is whole stitches only with no back stitch. I might be able to fit this in before Christmas. Thanks Justine!

I have had my fingers crossed that Justine received today’s gift safely. I wrapped it in quite a lot of bubble wrap, but it is quite fragile, so I have been worrying! I hope she likes this:


Yes, it’s a teacup pincushion! (If you want to make your own see my tutorial). Justine told me months ago that one of her favourite colours is blue, but she likes most colours. The cup has a blue pattern, and the fabric is more multicoloured with flowers that go with the pattern on the cup/saucer. I really hope it got to Justine safely!


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