Advent Day Nine

Many of my colleagues think I’m very strange for not drinking tea or coffee. One of them said to me that they can’t get through the day without a coffee! I do however occasionally treat myself to a hot chocolate, but as I don’t really do hot drinks, I tend to wait for it to turn into warm chocolate before I drink it! I told Justine this is in our exchange of emails back in September and she obviously remembered as today I opened this:


I don’t have any hot chocolate in at the moment and these flavours look delicious!

I managed to miss taking a photo of my day 9, so I’ve been trying to work out what it was. Justine opened it on day 6, as I didn’t underline these numbers. Oops! Luckily this is the only date when that can happen.

I think she may have opened a mini Christmas pudding. Hopefully Justine will come along soon and tell me if I’ve remembered / figured it out correctly.


4 thoughts on “Advent Day Nine

  1. I’m not a hot chocolate drinker. I love my Tim Horton’s Cappacino. But my son is a hot chocolate drinker and I know a few others. I’ve not seen those little hot chocolate packets. They would be great in a giftie for friends and my son for the holidays. I’ll have to look for them here in the states.

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