Advent Days Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen

I’ve been a bad Advent Blogger and haven’t blogged about my swap goodies since a brief post on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday I only spent about half an hour in my house after work before heading out to Christmas dos. I headed straight to bed when I got in both nights, so didn’t even have a chance to open my advent swap presents. I feel as though I need another week before Christmas!

I was too keen on opening my advent presents today to take a note of which was which! Here are all the three I opened today:


I opened a slow cooker cookbook,purple feathers and a blue polka dot wide ribbon.

I sent:


Handmade star earrings


The Snowman cross stitch card kit


Blue polka dot ribbon!

Things have quietened down, a bit, so hopefully I’ll be back to blogging the swap goodies once a day again soon!


3 thoughts on “Advent Days Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen

  1. What wonderful gifts! I love this idea 🙂
    I’m a big fan of slow cooking. My days are so busy and so often unfold in ways that I couldn’t predict, that the opportunity to create the meal in the morning and then enjoy it in the evening is a great pleasure!
    Thank you for popping over to my new blog 🙂
    Josie x

  2. It does seem like we need another week before Christmas, I can’t believe how close we’re getting! Love watching you open all your advent gifts though, some very cool stuff.

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