Button Heart Wedding Present

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I have been collecting red buttons. I have given away that I wanted them for my sister, but not much else. Well, this is it:


My little sister is getting married on Monday and this is her wedding present. I’ve also bought them a few bits, but wanted to give them something handmade and personal.

The buttons are from a variety of places. Some are brand new and others are not. I have some left over, but soon realised I would have to leave gaps.

To get the shape I wanted I drew a heart on the reverse of the fabric using a water soluble fabric pen. Using embroidery thread I first of all sewed buttons around the edge, keeping roughly to the shape I had drawn. Then I filled the inside, which took longer than I thought! I could have easily left it there, but decided to embroider their names and the date. I wasn’t quite sure that this was the right idea (as I disclosed on Facebook and Twitter), but once I started I couldn’t really go back. I am quite pleased with the result. Hopefully they will be too…


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