Christmas Time…

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! We’ve had a busy one, offset with days in bed ill beforehand, then my little sister’s wedding and of course all the Christmas prep. We have eaten far too much and drunk even more!

My parents were very impressed with and happy with their present. Here it is leaning on their fireplace in their lounge:


I was a bit too busy to take a photo of the finished stained glass before wrapping it up for them, so I’m afraid this is the best I’ve got! Hopefully they will put it up somewhere and I’ll take a photo of it in situ and will share it with you then.

My parents have been asking me for years what I want for Christmas. I only asked for something little originally as it is an expensive time with my sister’s wedding, but got told to let them know about something bigger. Well, this is what I got:


Hobbycraft had it on offer a while ago (£15 off!) so I passed the details on. I had to explain to everyone there what it is, but I am quite excited about playing with it properly when at home.

What did you get? Anything crafty?

My parents no longer live where I grew up. They not only live in a different house, but a different town, well, county even! When they downsized and moved they got rid of a lot of stuff, but they did keep some bits. This is on the wall in their spare room:


My parents started collecting blue and white china in the 90s. I did this sampler for my Mum’s birthday in 1994. It used to live in the dining room in our old house, but as their spare room has a blue theme they put it up in the spare room when they moved. I now wake up and see this every morning when staying with them. It’s quite a simple piece, but reasonably impressive and fits well with their likes. I think this will be my oldest make I will ever show you as I was only 14 when I made it. I hope you like it!


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