Faith Hope and Charity Shopping’s Christmas Swap

I have been a very restrained swapper. I have had my swap goodies for this swap for a while, but resisted temptation and didn’t open them until we’d got back from Christmas at my parents.

Before I share my spoils, I’ll remind you of the guidelines:
Between 3 & 5 gifts
At least one has to be “thrifted”
At least one should be handmade
One should relate to a Christmas Carol
Maximum spend of £12.

I love everything I opened.


I even like the Simpsons who were on the wrapping paper! Inside I found:


Two strings of beads (the little purple ones are absolutely fabulous!)


Three big dark purple beads


A decopatch Christmas bauble and


Twilight bath gel by Lush!

My swap partner had clearly spent time reading by blog and found out things I like to do, favourite colours etc. I am one very lucky lady!

I also spent a while researching what she liked to do/buy/collect!

Kathryn collects utility china, including items made by Grindley. So I bought her this plate:



It’s petal ware. She also collects vintage pyrex, so when I saw this in a local charity shop, I had to buy it for her:


It is made by JAJ Pyrex and according to my research it is the Matchmaker pattern. Some websites think it is 50s, but most think it is 60s. It is quite scary how much it is for sale for online, yet it only cost me £2!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate:


I also gave her one of my felted soaps:


I struggled with the Christmas carol part! In the end I made some snowflake earrings for “Let It Snow”…



Kathryn seems pleased with what she received. To read her blog post click here.

I will definitely do such swaps again!


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