Dirty Washing!

Whenever Mr M and I go away we always pack plastic bags in which we place our dirty clothes. One of the problems with this is that you can’t always do them up, so dirty clothes can fall out and sometimes we forget to pack them. I decided to rectify this by making a laundry bag which I could do up and keep stored in the suitcase ready to go (although you can use it at home if you want).


To make this you need to choose fabric which is roughly twice the size of the bag you want to make. I got out some of the fabric I bought on my last day in Vietnam last summer:


One metre of this cost me under £1! I will definitely stock up on fabric again if we ever return to South East Asia. I used my whole metre for this. For the ties to work as mine have (i.e. pull on one side only) the long sides of your fabric are going to be the top and bottom of your bag. Hem the sides first (although I didn’t as my sides were the selvedges of the fabric). Then hem the bottom and then the top – but make this an extra big hem:


If you want to applique any thing on, now is the time. Fold your fabric in half to see the end size (approximately) and figure out the positioning of whatever you want to applique.


Then sew it on!


Then turn it inside out and pin the bottom and side together. Sew around the side and top, but do not sew over the edge of the hem at the top. Turn inside out, using closed scissors to get the corner sticking out if need be. To add whatever you are using as a closure (I used ribbon from my stash, thin rope would also work well) put a safety pin on the end and thread it though the hem at the top. Once all the way through, gather both ends of the ribbon, tie and trim. You’re done! Here is mine ( on a sofa – the sides are straight, but don’t look it as it follows the shape of the sofa):


And once the ties have been pulled:


Now do I make one for Mr M?


3 thoughts on “Dirty Washing!

  1. Great idea. I will have to put this on my list of projects. It will serve a dual purpose–1) use up fabric from my stash and 2) nice way to deal with dirty laundry.
    I think one bag for him and one bag for her is a good idea. It divies up the laundry into the two suitcases. Again, great job!

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