Dress Making Basics

Tonight was lesson one of my Make Your Own Clothes course. I got slightly lost getting there, but arrived with a minute or two to spare, and wasn’t the last to get there!

I will be spending my Monday nights with seven other ladies, which is actually quite a nice group size. There was the important filling out of a few forms at the start including a Personal Learning Plan! I will also now be texted if the course doesn’t run for a session.

We started off with the get to know you and what do you want to achieve bit, which revealed to me that quite a few of the people on the course did a short getting to know your sewing machine course just before Christmas. Hopefully I know enough without attending that! Some people are making clothes for themselves, whereas a few others want to be able to make kids clothes. One lady even said she wants to make her daughter’s wedding dress. I think Jenny, our tutor, was quite relieved when she then told us that her daughters have no marriage plans at the moment!

After gathering as a group we were given a list of sewing tools and equipment we may need. She went through why and what everything is needed for, and for once I think I have everything (well maybe apart from a small screwdriver). When talking about pincushions she showed us a flower shaped wrist one she uses, which looks like this:


The pattern is free here and a few people said they would make one before our next class. I need to figure out what “soft and stable” is though if I’m going to do it. I also need some Velcro!

Our first challenge of the evening was to see if we knew meanings for some dressmaking terms and techniques. I knew what selvedge, interfacing and bias meant, but was a bit clueless on some of the others, such as nap, grain and ease. We did discuss some as a group, but were relieved when Jenny went through the list and then gave us her answers on a printed sheet. Then it was the dreaded measuring of each other in pairs. I now have a sheet of my measurements 😦 Apparently I do fit in Collette patterns, just!

Are you wondering which one I’m going to make? Well I ummmed and ahhhhhed, but I had to make a decision. I am going to make:



After we were shown how to layout a pattern pieces using the pattern, and the all important measuring of the pieces before you decide which ones to cut, I just about had time to do a tiny bit. I ironed my pattern, roughly cut the pieces for the view I was going for, and measured them. I may need to add a teeny bit of room around the boobs (no big surprise to me there!) but it all seems doable.

Roll on next week when I can get a bit more done 🙂


11 thoughts on “Dress Making Basics

  1. The blouse is beautiful and ambitious for a new seamstress, but with the teacher’s help, I’m sure it will turn out well. Keep with it – it’s very valuable to know how to sew for yourself.

  2. Ooh it all sounds so interesting! I get my Mum to teach me a lot of things when it comes to sewing and I am hoping to make a dress this summer but I think it will require a LOT of help from her lol. I can’t wait to hear about your next class!

  3. Sounds like a very useful class! Looking forward to hearing more about what you’ve learned. My sewing machine is currently gathering dust, I should probably pull it out and try to use it more often. I’ll have to see if there are any summer classes I can take myself. 🙂

  4. Best of luck Mrs M. I am having a go at making some dungarees for Master T, scaring myself as I go. Fabric all cut out now and marked up ready to start sewing! Look forward to seeing how you get on each week. That pincushion looks amazing!

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