Wrist Pincushion

During my first session on Making Your Own Clothes my tutor showed us a pincushion she wears on her wrist whilst dress making. It means she always has pins to hand and doesn’t have to scrabble around. She gave everyone a copy of the pattern and here is my version:


and on my wrist (well a bit further up my arm!)


The pattern is fairly self explanatory and can be found here.

The pattern calls for soft and stable to stiffen the band. I don’t have anything that thick, so used sew in interfacing from my stash. I cut interfacing half the width of the band fabric (2″ rather than 4″).


Yes, I did this after dark (which is not hard at this time of year)! The interfacing is 1/2″ shorter than the fabric, but if I was to do this again I’d probably leave a bit more as 1/2″ is not much when split between both ends!


I then folded both in half length ways, and ironed the fold to make the creases more visible.


Then I placed the interfacing in the fabric and folded the fabric over the edge so it was like a v shape. After unfolding I used the creases on the fabric to help place the Velcro. If I’d been able to have the machine out I’d have sewn the Velcro using it, but I sewed it by hand which took a while.

Today I used my machine to sew around the strap. I started at the end and went over each end three times before doing both sides. I also sewed around the circle, leaving a gap to turn through.


I trimmed around the circle using my pinking shears before turning it the right way around. I only left a small gap which made it quite difficult! To save you stabbing yourself whilst wearing the pincushion you are advised to insert a circle of plastic at the bottom of the pincushion. I used the bottom of a pot noodle pot left after one of Mr M’s late night snacks. It’s virtually the perfect size!

To make the stuffed circle into a flower you draw your thread through the middle of the pincushion and around the edge and back through the middle. Initially I tried doing this using sewing thread, but when you pull on it to make it as tight as you want, it snaps! The pattern does actually say to use crochet thread, and luckily I found some in a charity shop last year. After initially trying with black thread that you couldn’t see, I quite like the contrasting thread.


So, ta dah! I will take this to my next lesson on Monday. I wonder if anyone has made one? I guess I’ll find out soon…

This is another stash busting make. I used buttons the same when making my owl softies and I first used this fabric when making a needle case before I started blogging. The iron on interfacing used to strengthen the base of the flower and the sew in interfacing in the strap were both bought in to make clutch bags. It is quite nice to not have to go shopping to make something. Do you have a stash of crafty bits? Are you trying to make a dent in it? I’m still growing mine, and being able to make things straight off is one of the reasons I justify having it!


7 thoughts on “Wrist Pincushion

  1. Your pin cushion is adorable. Much nicer looking than the old, old tomato looking one that I own. Someday will have to replace or learn to make my own. I am quite the collector of “crafty” stuff and hope to one day widdle it down by using it up.

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