Material World

There are many, many craft books on the market. Most have beautiful photos of projects and instructions on how to make them. Material World by Perri Lewis is refreshingly different.


The book begins with the basics, which goes through “everything you need to get your craft on”. I love the sketches of some of these items – who knew how pretty bobbins can look? There is also info on essential techniques. I’d like to think everyone knows how to sew a button on, but you never know! Perri explains it well, so this book is suitable for a complete beginner.


There are fifteen main chapters, each focusing on a type of craft. You can learn all about Embroidery, Decoupage, Printing, Encrusting, Cross Stitching, Quilling, Millinery, Embellishments, Paper Cutting, Leather Work, Macrame, Patchwork, Jewellery, Tailoring and Applique.

Each chapter starts off with information on materials needed and then the technique. It is a go to book for when you want to know how to do something. The words are well written and the lovely sketches help you to understand what to do.


Common problems are also dealt with and Perri explains how to solve them. After learning the techniques you then read tips from some industry experts, such as Mr X Stitch for cross stitch, Philip Treacy for millinery and many more. If you want guidance on something to make there is a project per skill.


There is also extra information and suggestions of what to make with your new found skills.

There are so many craft books out there that you can buy, which you will read through once and then put on a shelf, where you leave it. This book will be coming off the shelf on a regular basis to answer my queries as to how to do something. It is an enjoyable read and you can just sit down and enjoy. The book has impressed me!

I was lucky enough to receive this copy of Material World to review. Perri Lewis’s blog Make and Do was one of the first I followed when I started blogging. Perri is also on twitter.


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