Fabric Scraps!

I frequently only need a relatively small piece of fabric, but to do so I will often buy 25cm or 30cm of the fabric I need. This means I often end up with lots of fabric in my stash, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I have to find somewhere to store it all! I know you can buy fat quarters, but until recently I hadn’t done that much. Fat quarters can also cost quite a bit more than 25cm of a roll. How can you get the fabric you need without either breaking the bank or ending up with lots of extra fabric you don’t want?

When shopping for fabric for my making your own clothes course I went to a wonderful little shop in Maidenhead called Sew Crafty .


Sew Crafty is a brilliant haberdashery which stocks virtually everything you need. I was amazed by the range of goods for sale, from ribbons to buttons and much much more. Being a bit clueless when buying fabric for dressmaking, I was very grateful for the very helpful assistant who ran through suitable material with me and dealt very patiently with my questions! I will definitely head back in the future.

So why is this post titled “Fabric Scraps”? Well, Sew Crafty have a couple of baskets selling scraps of fabric. They vary in size, but crafters (probably not dressmakers!) would be able to make use of them. I much prefer that people find a use for these rather than they end up in landfill. This is the only place I’ve seen recently that does this.

Larger scraps cost 50p. I got:


This 28 x 24cm piece of fabric would be great for appliqué or cover buttons.


I can see a small Christmas gift bag being made from this 35 x 27cm piece of fabric.


I don’t yet know what I’ll use this 44 x 36cm piece of black and white check fabric for, but I will find a use for it! It’s quite thick and feels really good quality.

They also sell smaller scraps for 20p.


The polka dot fabric is 23 x 16cm and the flowers are 17 x 16cm. With such small designs I’m thinking either appliqué or for cover buttons. I love them both 🙂

I will definitely root around in fabric scraps baskets again after these great finds. I found some lovely bits for not much money.
What would you use the fabric for?


4 thoughts on “Fabric Scraps!

  1. Hello Mrs M! Our local Dunelm store used to sell bags of their ‘end of rolls’ from their curtain dept which were really useful for patchwork but haven’t seen any in there for ages, which is a real shame! I know what you mean about storing all our crafty bits + bobs – we have a huge amount of beads etc and now lots of large plastic storage boxes which are in danger of taking the house over…..!
    Have a great week,

    • Funny enough that you should say that as I also found a bargain in my closest Dunelm recently. They had a bit of Christmas fabric left for 10p a metre. Of course I had to buy it all! Pity they only had three metres.

      Thanks for popping by.

  2. I just love Sew Crafty. I have been visiting for years. They also sell fat quarters of fabric and squares of felt. 🙂 The ladies are all very knowledgeable whether you need 3 metres of fabric or 3 buttons!

  3. Hi Mrs M, Thank you for your review ❤ I have shared it on face book and on our blog. We love fabric scraps, we hate to throw anything away, we are make do and menders, so we know the value of even the smallest bit of fabric. So glad you liked our little shop. I am looking forward to seeing your progress in sewing class with the polycotton you bought.

    Sew Crafty Sewing Centre
    Live it. Love it. Make it.

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