Chop Chop!

As you probably know, I’m a teacher. As part of that role I set homework for my students. When I was at school I wasn’t too keen on homework. I did it, but unless it was something which really interested me, I usually did it last minute and could probably have put more effort in.

So, why mention that now? Well, my Making Your Own Clothes class is on a Monday night, and the evening after my first class I was cut out all of my pattern pieces. Two days before my second class I had even finished my wrist pincushion. Do you get the impression that this is homework I want to do?!


I wish I could share lots of progress with you. Everyone spent our second lesson cutting out their fabric. Some needed to cut their pattern pieces first, but they still were cutting out fabric by the end. I soon spotted that most people folded their fabric in half and then pinned and cut out their fabric. Mine was a bit more complicated!

The main body pieces of Colette’s Jasmine are cut on the bias. Placing the first ever pattern pieces that I’ve cut on the bias, along with flipping them over, seemed tough, but with a bit of help I did it. I’m glad I’ve figured it out though, as surely this will mean that I can cut most patterns?!


Now most of the others seemed to have a much lower number of pieces to cut than me. One only had three! Here are some more bits I cut:


(some of these are folded slightly and obviously I still need to remove the pattern paper)

As you can see I went for patterned fabric. I do think this pattern would work in a plain colour, but I fancied a bit of a pattern, but thought matching it might be hard, so I went for something small. Here it is in close up on one of the tie pieces:


I’m thinking this maybe a good spring/summer top 🙂

My plan now is to do some tailor tacks to mark my darts – is there anything else I need to mark? I also plan to cut out and iron on my interfacing before my next lesson.

Wish me luck!


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