Cover Buttons

Having seen some lovely items made with cover buttons, I decided to try to make my own. Here are my best ones:


I soon learnt that you need to ensure you have the back piece in exactly the right place, as otherwise when you push down, you will bend at least one of the metal pieces:


If you try to force them the metal distorts more and becomes unusable. However sometimes you can recover slightly and make something that you can use, but isn’t as pretty at the back:


Unfortunately I had to completely discard some buttons as I’d distorted them too much.

I got better with placement of the pieces after a while, but then run out of buttons. I have pretty fabric scraps and left over fabric from my top which I think I’ll use to make more. I think i may focus on which bit of fabric to choose next time, so that a pattern is central. This is a quite quick activity which I hope to be able to do in front of the television after a while.

Now what do I make with the buttons?


7 thoughts on “Cover Buttons

  1. I love making these as well 🙂 And yes, I have many ‘rejects’. There is actually another style that is plastic and you sew around the fabric and gather it into the back, the put on a cover. I find them much easier to use as there is no ‘tool’ required and if you have a thin fabric, there is no shiny metal to show through it.

  2. Ooh I fancy having a go at this! I think I have seen a tool that you can use for pressing the back on that might make life easier if you didn’t have it? I have no idea what it is called though I’m afraid!

  3. Thanks for sharing this….I plan on making some fabric buttons in the coming weeks for a friend…I have made some by sewing beads onto a piece of fabric and then have sewed that piece onto a plastic ring and closed up the back with felt and then sewed a loop using thread.

  4. These look so cute, I love the fabrics you have used. Next time you are over near Sew Crafty, Pop in and I will show you our brand of cover buttons, much easier to use than these ones, we sell a tool too, but you don’t need it to get a very professional result.

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