It’s Starting To Come Together…

My first ever clothing sewing project is starting to come together. I’m sure experienced sewists wizz through at lightning speed compared to me, but I’d prefer to do this relatively well and learn techniques along the way.

After my last class I did a little work at home. I removed the pattern pieces from all the pieces I cut last lesson and did tailor tacks to mark the tips of my darts. I also cut out the interfacing and ironed it to the relevant fabric. I didn’t want to do any more as that involved sewing!

At the class I stay stitched around the neckline on all four pieces. I then sewed my darts. Whilst relatively simple I was actually quite proud and pleased with these!


The joys of a small pattern means sewing lines will be fairly well hidden – I doubt you can see them in this photo.

I then sewed together the back. I pinned it, tacked it and then machine stitched. The pattern advised finishing the seam and one method they gave was to zigzag. Stupidly I zigzagged over both together, which didn’t sit well. The joys of a 5/8″ seam allowance meant that I could cut this off and zigzag over the edges separately. That sits a lot better!


This isn’t sitting flat as you can tell from the middle, but it will do so happily. It even looks like the back of a top! I also had time to sew together the front, but I haven’t finished that seam yet.

When I wasn’t sewing, Jenny, our tutor went through a few things. I’m amazed that I’ve never noticed the dent in a machine needle before. I now have notes on what size needle and length of stitch to use with a wide range of fabrics.

I also learnt about a wide variety of types of seam. I’d heard of French seams, but didn’t know about mock French seams or channel seams or lingerie seams and more. Luckily I have a handout with instructions on as otherwise I’d never remember how to do all the demonstrated techniques.

Finally, I’ll share a snippet which I will use. Mr M has commented that I do more ironing for sewing than I do day to day. Well I was told in my class that pressing is not ironing, so next time he makes such a comment I’ll tell him I’m not ironing!

It’s slowly starting to come together…


9 thoughts on “It’s Starting To Come Together…

    • The people on my course who choose to make a skirt are much further along than us making tops. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you make.

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