Coin Cufflinks

Mr M and I enjoy travelling and exploring places all over the world. When you read this, I’ll be in Malta 🙂

Whilst on this holiday we will be using the Euro, we have used many different currencies. I have enjoyed taking out millions of dong when in Vietnam, but there, and in many places in Asia (or indeed the States) I do get frustrated with the number of notes I have to carry. I like coins for small purchases. I guess that’s what I’m used to!

When packing for Malta I found a few small coins left from our travels last summer. It seemed a pity to just resign them to a jar of loose change, so I got out a few bits:


And with a bit of glue, and some drying time later, Mr M has some new cufflinks!


The coins are 10c pieces from Singapore. I like both sides, but didn’t have enough coins to make two sets.

There you go, another very quick and easy make…


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